“Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.” – Chris Bangle. 

Club Car understands that people have a personal connection with their cars. Cars are more than just something you drive; they are a way for owners to express their unique personalities. People can determine the owner’s style, persona, and psychographic just by looking at their cars.

Club Car proudly presents Onward, a personal transportation vehicle that will change the way you travel within your community. Designed for ease of use and convenience, it has a way of bringing families together for laid-back fun.

With Onward,  you have the freedom to personalize your car with our designs, making it uniquely yours. We have a collection of custom integrated accessories to choose from, as well as a dazzling variety of metallic colors, all carefully applied to ensure a flawless appearance for miles. Your unique Onward car will sure make a lasting impression.

Ride Your Own Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs)

Unlike golf cars, Onward from Club Car offers your own PTVs, which are built for personal use and neighborhood transportation. Your PTVs can be gas-powered or electric, with a maximum speed of 20 mph.

Our Onward ™ accessories, unlike after-market components, were developed, built, and tested alongside the vehicle to ensure perfect fit and performance. From windshields to wheels, canopies to tires, and everything in between, there are hundreds of ways to personalize your Onward.


  • Ride in  Color

The new Onward ™ comes in a variety of metallic colors, each carefully applied to maintain a flawless appearance for miles.

  • Windshields

You can pick clear or tinted windshields with gaskets to block wind and dampen noise.

  • Front Grill

Add polish with attractive front grill inserts made of durable polycarbonate.

  • Overhead Storage

Additional overhead storage for added space or a wireless sound system that syncs with your mobile devices.

  • Premium Seat

We offer premium seat choices, designed for maximum comfort, are available in two-tone or solid colors.

  • Protective Fender

Deflect spray from tires with front and rear fender flares thoughtfully designed to complement the vehicle’s lines.

  • Roll with Confidence

Designed in partnership with Kenda ™, exclusive Club Car® tires are made with premium compounds to improve durability and tread life while delivering a smooth, comfortable ride.


Safety Our Priority

In addition to feeling fancy, we also care deeply about your safety as it’s built to meet or exceed the strictest safety standard – which means that details like LED front headlights with a focused field of view, highly conspicuous turn signals, and fail-proof armrests come standard.

Ready to get started with your future personal transportation? Head to contact page or get in touch with our sales representatives right now.