MNP is an Indonesian company that acts as the sole distributor for the world’s foremost Buggy car, or more familiarly known as golf carts, manufacturer, Club Car. Established in Georgia, Club Car boasts nearly 60 years of industry-leading innovation and design, initially focused on golf carts and then expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal-use transportation. Every detail of design, fabrication and assembly at Club Car is executed with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. The people at Club Car take pride in manufacturing quality products. That pride and focus have been the driving force behind Club Car’s excellent performance. Its long history is a testament to its experience in the industry and the quality of their product and service to their client’s. It’s also the reason they are named one of EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies. Currently Club Car has a worldwide distribution network in over 350 locations and distributors, where MNP is one. The company was acquired in 1995 by Ingersoll Rand. MNP Indonesia became the sole Distributor for Club Car products in 2016.
MNP started by catering to the needs for Buggy car of golf clubs in Jakarta and the surrounding area. As the distributor of the world’s most renowned Electric utility carts, MNP holds the same regard to quality in the way they conduct their services. In recent years they have expanded their clientele to resorts in areas such as Bali, adding to the sense of luxury and convenience that high-end resorts aim for. They have also started to cater to more retail utilization of buggy cars, for personal home use or small communities as well as for more industrial uses. MNP provides end-to end serviced experience for the purchase of their products. From providing a contact person that would guide you through your needs and providing consultation and advice on which product would suit your needs best, to delivery service and full on maintenance service, as well as spare part replacements. The Club Car products that MNP distributes are well suited to the tropical weather because they are rust free, resistant to salt water and high humidity.
MNP’s current client’s ranges from the best of Indonesia’s golf courses such as Damai Indah Golf, Mountain View, and the Riverside Golf. They also cater to many of the resorts and hotels in Bali’s Nusa Dua ITDC compound such as ST. Regis and Ritz Bali, and even the very exclusive Bulgari Bali . They are currently the first choice for luxury and utility electric carts due to their wide range of products. MNP has the whole range of Club Car’s products available, some of the more popular types are the Tempo series, which combines elegance and utility. The Tempo series are MNP’s most popular electric cart also because it offers good variety of price points and affordability. MNP also caters to several Industrial complexes in Indonesia and even providing services and products to the Jakarta Police Department. Housing communities that has been seen to use MNP’s products and services are amongst the most respectable living spaces such as Pondok Indah Golf and Vimala hills, and also in more popular places such as BSD and Rancamaya.
All around the world the use of electric vehicles, including buggy cars are on the rise. As people become more environmentally conscious and using less and less fossil fuel and fossil fueled vehicles, using golf buggy cars becomes the rational and logical choice. Some of the reason why buggy cars are preferable for people whose activities are limited to a small area is the economical considerations and the significant less hassle in their maintenance. Club Car even has a LSV product that are road ready, complete with wipers, turn signals, and headlights that enables it to go on main roads.
Buggy cars are very easy to maintain since they have less moving parts than fueled cars. Buggy cars have less than 50 moving parts to a car’s more than 1,000. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the battery. Electric batteries in general have a lifespan based on their usage. That’s why its better to always fully charge your buggy cars so the battery doesn’t deteriorate. You might have to change your batteries one day and that might be costly, most electric carts, however, require a battery change every 8 to 10 years. When you do require a change, MNP always has a spare ready for you.
MNP of course prefers their client’s to have peace of mind. Whenever a customer engages MNP, it is the company’s policy to provide everything that they need. This principle is the reason why MNP launched their newest program, the MNP On-Call service. Since MNP distributes Club Car all over Indonesia and they have client’s all over the archipelago, MNP decided that the best way they can cater to their client’s is by providing a service that directly brings their expertise to the customer’s doorstep. MNP’s on call service is free of charge, except for a modest transportation fee depending on the client’s location. The fee goes from IDR 150.000 for up to 25 KM, IDR 250.000 after 25 Km to 50 KM, IDR 350.000 for over 50 KM. With this service clients of MNP can easily contact MNP whenever they have trouble with their electric carts and have MNP take care of it. This service is also available for customers who did not purchase their club car through MNP.
What the on call service provide are services in the light and mid range such as cleaning, basic health check on the unit, and simple repairs. For more robust repairs and maintenance the technician will first notify and advise the customers on what services and parts are needed. However, MNP will first perform remote diagnostics on the vehicle by interviewing the customer. They will then prepare the necessary tools and spare parts accordingly. This way the MNP technicians are prepared to handle most situations and are able to save the client’s time for repairs. MNP also offers a maintenance contract that would ensure that your Club Car products get maintained regularly on schedule. A regular check up and maintenance is the most surefire way to maximize and optimize the lifetime of your electric Vehicle.
If you ever feel the need to engage the MNP on-call service, the service is available from Monday to Friday on regular work hours. You can call the number listed on MNP’s website or just send them a message and they will get back to you on the same day.