In a fast-paced hospitality industry, having efficient and flexible solutions is beneficial for providing excellent customer service while optimizing the organization’s daily operations. Imagine the hassle of transporting multiple people and equipment at once without proper vehicle support. That’s when our newest Carryall Transporter comes to save the day!

Introducing, Club Car Transporter. The latest vehicle that is built for versatility and designed to carry four to six passengers comfortably and additional cargo wherever you need it. Plus, available fit-to-task equipment allows you to customize your vehicle for the job at hand.

Here are the reasons why The Transporter is a must for your hospitality business;

  • Wear-resistant Chassis

The Transporter is equipped with rust-proof aircraft-grade aluminum frames, body and platform that are resistant to water, fertilizers, chemicals and salt and extend the life of the vehicle. This feature allows the Transporter to accommodate four to six passengers comfortably. 

  • Power Options

The Transporter offers two power options; electric and gasoline models.

Electric models are equipped with 48V batteries and efficient 500A controllers. Smart onboard chargers with retractors help prevent user error and allow charging while moving around the facility.

Meanwhile, the gasoline models are powered by a powerful 14 hp (10 kW) single-cylinder overhead cam engine or a silent, zero-emission electric powertrain, the affordable and efficient Transporter transports four to six crew members.

The Transporter is now available with AC drive motor for increased performance, power and acceleration.

  • Fit-to-Task Equipment

Modifying your Transporter with the right equipment and accessories is much easier. With our Fit-To-Task series, you can get the right vehicle equipped for your specific needs and with a faster delivery time. Contact our sales representatives for more details on the offer.

The Perfect Fit for Any Type of Hospitality Industry

  1. Campus

The Transporter is an ideal solution for campuses, offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to move students, faculty, and visitors around. Its ability to accommodate four to six passengers ensures that groups can travel together, reducing the need for multiple trips and enhancing overall efficiency.

  1. Airports

Airports can greatly benefit from The Transporter’s capabilities, which provide a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation for passengers and staff. Its spacious seating allows quick and easy transfers between terminals, gates, and parking areas, minimizing wait times and improving overall airport operations.

  1. Resorts

Elevate your resorts’ level of service by providing a seamless and enjoyable way for guests to explore the property. Whether transporting guests to their rooms, dining areas, or recreational facilities, its spacious and comfortable design ensures a pleasant journey.

Contact Club Car Indonesia to get your hands on the newest Transporter today and learn how you can enhance your service and operational efficiency.