As the world’s leading golf cart supplier, we understand the desire to honor the traditions of the game while growing your business. That’s why we’re always in your corner with reliable products, revenue-building business strategies, and custom car options.

And this year, we’re bringing you new opportunities to create stronger relationships with your golfers and more efficiently manage your course, all while providing an exceptional golfing experience.

We’re thrilled to introduce Tempo Connect with Visage Fleet Management and Shark Experience, a new in-car entertainment system developed exclusively with the Greg Norman Company and Verizon. With car and course controls for you and your staff, plus touchscreen entertainment for golfers, it’s taking golf into a whole new level

Shark Experience

Shark Experience software was created with a love for—and respect of—the game. The touchscreen technology will engage golfers in a modern, fun, and social way, enhancing their course experience that will be the talk of the town. Here are the features of Shark Experience that will leave your golfers in awe:

● Enhance
Revolutionize a golfer’s time on course by providing instant distance-to-pin measurements, hole flyovers, and pro tips.

● Entertain
Music from Slacker Radio is available at a golfer’s fingertips, and with access to news, sports updates, and highlights, your golfers won’t miss a thing while they’re on the course.

● Customize
Shark Experience can be customized for every car and every set of golfers, so you can give your golfers exactly what they want: an entertaining day.

As we at Club Car embrace the future, we are committed to equipping your clubhouse with the tools it needs to thrive alongside us, ensuring continued growth and shared success. Because when you’re talking about winning the golf industry game, you want to hit that ace!