Buying a golf cart is a significant investment. Several factors come into play and must be taken into account. Especially if you are considering one or a large number for your business assets.

If your company is in the hospitality industry, you want to make sure that your facilities are always up to date and excellent, including the golf cart you use.

We’ll help you narrow down your options with 5 factors to consider when deciding whether to rent or buy a golf cart.

1. Frequency of Use
How frequently will you use the golf cart? Is it intended for long-term or temporary use? Will this golf cart benefit anyone else if you own one? If you foresee using this golf cart on a daily basis, it may be more cost effective to purchase one rather than continuing to rent it.

2. Financial Consideration
Purchasing a golf cart can cost a pretty penny, plus the regular maintenance cost, paper registration, and so on. However, if you rent one, you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs or paperwork because these are frequently covered by the rental charge. Run the numbers and calculate the cost-effectiveness of several options for your budget.

3. Keeping Up with the New Models
When purchasing a golf cart, bear in mind that you will be stuck with the same model for a long time. However, if getting access to the most recent and improved model of golf cart on the market is significant to you, renting is the best option. When you renew your lease, you can always replace the golf cart for a newer model. This could be useful for business owners who need to regularly upgrade their fleet and provide their customers with the most up-to-date golf carts.

4. Flexibility
There are some limitations to your rental golf cart that are bound by a lease agreement, such as how often you may use it, where you can ride it, and which repair shops you can visit. When you buy your own golf cart, however, you have more flexibility for how to use and maintain it.

5. Maintenance
Golf cart ownership has long-term care responsibilities such as regular service, licensing and registration renewal, and so on. When you rent one, however, you are only responsible for the

rental cost during the period of use, while long-term care is the responsibility of the renter. Sounds like a plan that will save your money and hassle-free! Now that you’ve weighed all five critical factors, ask yourself, to buy or to rent? That is the question!

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